Stop It At The Source!

Stop It At The Source!

Why not stop the problem of air pollution at its source? The following are different types of air pollution sources. A Point Source is some place or thing that releases pollutants into the environment from one concentrated location (factories, chemical plants).  A Non Point Source releases contaminants into the environment as well but can come from more than one location (cars, pesticide use on lawns or fields).  Do you see any sources that you could help reduce?

Point Sources

  • Power plants
  • Factories
  • Industrial and commercial boilers
  • Chemical processing
  • Large petroleum storage facilities

Non-Point Sources

  • Small businesses (I.E. dry cleaners, autobody shops, printers, painting operations, gas stations, etc.)
  • Homes (wood combustion, furnaces, paint and solvent use, etc.)
  • Office buildings (heating sources, etc.)
  • Wildfires
  • Waste disposal (I.E. landfills)
  • Agricultural sources (open burning, pesticide application, tilling, feedlots, etc.)
  • Wind erosion
  • Unpaved roads
  • Cars, motorcycles, and trucks
  • Construction equipment (I.E. excavators, bull dozers, skid steers, etc.)
  • Gas-powered Lawn and garden equipment (I.E. lawn mowers,chainsaws, leaf blowers, etc.)
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats
  • Farm equipment (I.E. tractors, sprayers, balers, etc)
  • Aircrafts

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